Financial Help For Cancer Patients Is The New Black

If you haven’t had your ear to the ground in the business community, financial help for cancer patients in Indiana is “the new black.”  In other words, it’s IN like Flynn and there’s no stopping the bum rush, so to speak.  If you doubt it, just look at the government’s cancer data numbers and statistics from the CDC.



This is not only the right thing to do, this is big business, and if you know anything about how we do it here at Indianapolis Biz Boss, you know that when there’s big business profits to be made on something in Indy, we’re all over it.   Why make these sleeze bags richer and richer if they can sleep at night when they do stuff like what’s in the video above?


Honestly, even as a dyed in the wool hard driving business man to my core, that really makes me hopping freakin’ mad!


See, here’s the real deal, cancer treatment is BIG BUSINESS and 95% of the people who are diagnosed with cancer are going to have a hell of a time figuring out how to pay for the expensive cancer drugs and medicines.  Most people will die waiting around to see if they qualify for the few grants for cancer sufferers that are available so that’s not really a viable alternative.  Most people are going to have to need help paying for cancer treatments and chemotherapy.  I know it.  you know it.


And I don’t know about you, but I don’t exactly get all filled up with trust by a doctor or surgeon who stands to put $100,000 grand in his or her pocket by prescribing me unnecessary cancer treatments.  Do you?  So the question is, for cancer survivors, how can you get some help paying for the soaring costs of cancer?


One way might be applying for grants or cancer insurance, but what I’ve seen as one of the best is getting a so called “cancer life insurance loan.”  This is easy, simple and fast, which is what we’re all about in America, right?


Damn right.  So if you’re seriously looking for help paying for your cancer medicines or treatments, I’d recommend looking very closely at a cancer insurance loan.  You can find one of the most popular over at the free government cancer information and support websites or


B. Di-dawg out!

Booking A Limo Service In Indianapolis Is Way Too Damn Hard!

I’ll tell you what, as a born and bred new yorker, when I moved to Indianapolis, Indiana a few years ago I was petrified I was going to die early from swag starvation.


I figured, “how in the hell am I gonna find all the cool shit I’m used to coming from The Big Apple?”  In other words, will I be able to get the truly finer things in life if I’m banished to a fate of living out in “flyover country?”


Well I’m happy to report that I’ve found just about everrything I’ve wanted in Indianapolis that I used to take for granted in New York without much problem…


…until I went looking for a nice, upscale limousine to take my son and I to the Indianapolis Colts game.  At that point I had an experience that as a home business owner who built his full time income with blood, sweat, tears and in the school of hard knocks…


…blew me the fuck away!


Most Indianapolis Limo Companies Are…  Different Than New York Ones


So, of course I went to our dear friend Google and typed in “high end limo service Indianapolis” figuring that would take me to a good starting point to where I wanted to go.


Of course, 3 or 4 limo companies popped up on my screen immediately, so I started calling ‘em.  That’s when I was blown away.


Most of them didn’t even answer their damn phones.  And the one that did was answered by a lady with the nastiest attitude I’ve experienced this year!  I couldn’t believe it.


Here I was ready to give somebody $200 or $300 bucks for a couple of hours and I couldn’t find anybody who would answer their phone or with customer service worth a shit.  I was stunned because back in NYC, those companies literally kiss your ass to get your limo booking.


Booking a damn limousine in Indianapolis was like a chore.  Finally I did find a sweet deal in a new black stretch limo joint like the President’s, but the experience did not make me excited to give my customary 30% to 50% tip.

booking the best limo service in Indianapolis was hard but I found it! 

Anybody out there know of a limo company in Indy that has exceptional customer service?  I’ve heard Luxe Limo Service Indianapolis is the absolute best limo service Indianapolis but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.  



If you do, let me know and they’ll have a customer for life.  I just want to rent a limo, I don’t want to work harder than the people who have to clean ‘em!


B. Di-dawg out!


It Sounds Crazy, But This New DS Domination Drop Shipping Loophole Is Making BIG Money

Of all the ways to make money online and all the things to build a home based business around, admit it, drop shipping sounds like a crazy long shot, right?


I know it did to me when someone first mentioned it to me.  I was thinking, oh hell, is this that crap that guy used to sell on TV about how to make a ton of money on ebay by cruising around looking for yard sales and abandoned storage unit clearouts and hawking the stuff online.


My first thought was…  no thanks.  Who the heck wants to make money by the sweat of my manual labor?!  Not me.  Sounds like boring, worker bee income.


And then to build a network marketing or affiliate marketing program around drop shipping?  That sounded absolutely insane to me when a colleague of mine was excitedly talking to me about it recently.


Plus I was looking for a good upscale limo service in Indianapolis so I could take my sons to the Colts game in style at the time, so I really kinda blocked out what the dude was explaining to me…


…until about 5 months later when he was showing me a video of him depositing $15,000 checks from this thing.  That got my attention.  My general rule is, as soon as someone has personally made a minimum of $10k in one month from their business endeavor, I want to investigate.


So I did.  And I found out that whatever I thought, people are making serious money with this new drop shipping system that’s beginning to catch fire on the internet.


The New Way I’m Seeing Some People Making Stupid Money With A Unique Drop Shipping “Loophole” And eBay


If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s an entire, simple to learn system of making money on eBay with drop shipping, and it’s being sold as a low cost online course and system called DS Domination.


Now before I go any further, let me tell you straight up that my intention in this post is not to give you a full and complete review of the program that will cover everything you need to know.  That’s not what I do.  There are plenty of those out there on the internet that will do that job, with the best and most complete DS Domination review I’ve come across being by one of the top online home business heavy hitters named Harkon Ajala.


The dude is an original, and has no filter, which means he might slightly offend some people, but that also means he’s telling you what you need to know, not just what the DS Domination company would want you to hear.  Go google it and check his review out, just know it’s absolutely complete, but pretty raw dog.


What I’m here to do is give you the low don and dirty, short version of what the real deal is with DSD, and basically this program shows you step by step how to make money with a pretty clever drop shipping loophole by using Amazon to drop ship products that you sell on eBay.


It’s basically a form of arbitrage, and based on what I’ve seen with my own eyes from checking out a couple of people’s back offices, it’s inexplicably working like gangbusters for some people.


I say inexplicably because the whole thing sounds too simple to be effective, but lo and behold some people are making “doctor money” with it so there’s definitely something to it.


So, My Well Researched Conclusion On The “eBay Drop Shipping Loophole” Is…


All told and based on what I’ve seen personally, if you’re interested in earning some income from your computer without having to recruit anybody or pitch miracle juice, I’d recommend taking a careful but long look at getting in DS Domination with a successful, experienced affiliate who can show you the secrets on how to maximaze profits.


Go read a few honest reviews FIRST (particularly Harkon Ajala’s, because that one I’ve read myself and it’s very straightforward and unusually honest) But if you’re going to, I’d jump on it soon and make yourself what is some pretty easy money before too many people catch on and it becomes saturated.


B. Di-dawg out!

The Home Biz Boss Is In The %@%$! House!

Hey what’s up my friend and fellow big money seeker!?  Welcome to Home Biz Boss!  The blog where you finally get what you’re looking for…


…here you finally learn the “game behind the game” in the home business industry in general and mlm / network marketing especially.  Here you finally learn how to make some damn money, so strap in!  Lol!


And you’re going to learn it directly from ME, straight from the horse’s mouth, a guy who, unlike most posers online, has actually been earning a full time income from his home business for the last 3 years.


I’m Blane O’neal from NYC, but you can call me what most of my peeps from my recently adopted home in Indianapolis call me…  Blane ‘Di-dawg’ and I want you to know right here and now, that I’m not gonna be pulling any punches, wasting any time, or blowing any smoke up butts anywhere on this blog.


I’m gonna be pulling back the curtain and telling and showing you exactly what’s worked for me, and what’s working for everybody else making money in the game.


Now, I want to give you another warning.  I’m not going to worry about whether what I say steps on toes or hurts your feelings because I’m not posting to make you feel warm and fuzzy.  That ain’t what makes money.  So be ready, because it’s the freak ON!


Be ready for real reviews, secrets, tools and tricks you can use with one goal in mind and one goal only…


…to make a full time income in whatever home business opportunity your building.


So… what the heck are you still hanging around reading this post for?  Go check out the sick lyrics I’m droppin’ all over this blog.  You will NOT be sorry.


Oh and if you’re wondering where the ‘Di-dawg’ moniker came from.  THIS might help you…



See you in the next post my friend.


B. Di-dawg out!